Hailing from Argentina, ELIOT WALDHORN demonstrated he had a keen ear for music at the tender age of 5 when he grabbed his sister’s guitar and was able to perfectly tune it. “My mom couldn’t believe it, right away she sent me to study music” recalls WALDHORN. With his newfound love and passion for music, WALDHORN, who grew up in Buenos Aires, steadily kept studying a variety of styles including classical, jazz, pop, rock and R&B, as well as music composing and arranging.

WALDHORN grew up soaking up the warm sounds of South American music, and, when he turned 19, he decided to come to the United States to develop his career as a musician. WALDHORN graduated from the Grove School of Music in Van Nuys. In 1992 WALDHORN bought his first keyboard and four-track recorder, which led him to his actual first music productions. Four years later, ELIOT began building his own recording studio. By the end of 1996, e5 MUSIC had become a professional digital recording facility with a wide range of services available including vocal coaching, composing techniques, arranging and TV and film scoring.

WALDHORN played lead guitar, did background vocals and toured the United States and some Latin countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina for 7 years with the popular Latin band “Los Iracundos”. Also played bass in several rock bands including “LaTele” (Latin punk) and a few American rock-oriented bands. Today, WALDHORN wisely uses this experience, which truly helps him to relate and understand the artists’ needs. Versatile in his production style, WALDHORN doesn’t specialize in any particular genre as he has mastered the knowledge required to produce a wide variety of styles. Says WALDHORN: “I co-produced 2 albums of Rumba/Flamenco, another one of Punk, Emo Rock, Adult Contemporary, Latin Pop, and right now, I’m producing R&B & Hip-Hop music; how wonderful!”