– “The L.A.-based artist known as C-Blunt presents his own distinctive brand of laidback, R&B-infused, jazzy hip-hop on his aptly titled debut, CHILL HOP. With C-Blunt’s trademark smoothed-out, lazy style combined with the funk-infused production of Eliot Waldhorn and a slew of up-and-coming guest MCs, CHILL HOP is an example of independent hip-hop at its most pure: unaffected by industry trends and true to itself”. Unknown Reporter –

– “Great production using incredible arrangements & Instrumentals. Not sure about album untill I listened to it a second time and then I started to really feel the work that went into this. This style is too cool. Highly recommend to all music lovers. New style of Urban music. Artwork is goor and everything about this is what the album say it is (Chill Hop)”. Unknown Review –

– “Eliot Waldhorn’s music never fails to get the attention of music supervisors. He’s had multiple placements in TV, Film and Commercials. He’s a creative producer, in touch with current trends and able to deliver master quality product for me to pitch, which makes him a valuable source of music for my company”. Beth Wernick, Imaginary Friends Music Partners

– “Eliot made me play things that I didn’t know I had in me”. Marcelo Berestovoy, Guitar Player

–  “I started working with Eliot Waldhorn two years ago and I am in awe of his talent. Eliot is a perfectionist and brings a wealth of knowledge in his classic commercial production and concepts in his beat making. Eliot has some of the most exceptional refreshing beats and tracks that are extremely creative and well pieced together. Eliot’s beats have a sound that appeals to: Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rap Fans, Crib Loungers and Club Goers. Creativity is the sign of a great producer and Eliot has that. MC’s that hear Eliot’s beats instantaneously can convey an understanding and message to his beats straight away. It’s like when you hear a beat, they know exactly what direction the lyrics, tone and delivery should be. Eliot is in the process of completing C-Blunt’s album that will be due out in January of 2008 and it is a heater. C-Blunt is the originator of Chill-Hop and Eliot’s production just makes it over the top. Eliot can produce any style be it Rock, Punk, Jazz, Blues, R&B or Hip Hop. I personally would recommend Eliot to any artist that wants to make hit songs. Eliot Waldhorn is going to be a household name very soon”. Mark Cuddy, Cuddy Entertainment, Music Consultant

– “Eliot is a professional. Incredible producer, engineer, musician and all around artist. And he’s way cooler then Speed Racer… “. Rob Chevelle, Lit Soul Band

–  “I’m a former VP & GM for e5 Music Inc., (LA, CA) a company owned and operated by ‘Mr. Eliot Waldhorn’. During my time as an employee and consultant for e5, I of course got to see the man, the ‘storm of talent’ in action…I’ve been in the biz for over twenty years and have never seen the likes of Eliot or “E” that he’s often referred to. This guy puts the ‘P’ in prolific as well as professionalism while spinning out amazingly strong tunes and recordings. When producing I’ve seen him take a raw talent give them a unique sound and when a project would be completed, the artist could compete with the best of them and at every angle…I’m telling you (the business) Eliot is the bomb, the untapped mother load! Kenny Ketcham, Entertainment Industry Consultant

–  “I’ve been in the business a long time and have worked with incredibly talented people. But Eliot’s music spoke directly to my soul. When I began working with him, my world changed. I transformed as a vocalist and grew tremendously as a songwriter. In a word, it was pure “magic.” He is nothing less than brilliant and anyone fortunate enough to work with him will have an absolutely, unforgettable experience. “Donatella” Donna Rawlins – Singer-Songwriter

–  “Your last Rock Instrumentals CD, 906, was perfect for my show, especially the song “Better to Be Than to Have”. Nice work, keep them coming.” B.H., Music Supervisor @ Viacom

–  “Eliot, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to work with me. You are an immensely gifted producer, musician, and person in general. I LIKE that you are a perfectionist. So am I. You have such a clear vision and instinct of what you want to hear. You have made my voice sound soooo good. I like this song and hope that we can write more beautiful music together.” Jessie Schoen, Singer-Songwriter